What We Do


Felicia-Michael SoS Foundation (FMSOSF) 2015 Goals

1. Rehabilitation a. Angels of Mercy: Set up a reserve of professionals willing to support in disaster relief work when called upon. Somewhat like doctors without borders but this time professionals without borders. The interventions may not be limited to disaster relief there is an idea to visit some remote Communities and get involved in direct labour to build something like a school, church, shelter etc

2. Visitation a. Soup kitchen: cook and share food to destitutes at designated locations approved by the state govt. twice a month. b. Orphanage / Homes’ Support: raise funds and visit “Missionaries of charity” orphanage in Ketu as well as “Pacelli School of the blind” in Surulere.

3. Construction a. Evangelism: support in implementation of the Catholic Praise concert by name only. In achieving the above we seek to partner with people to work with us either as individuals or corporate groups. In summary we are looking for fellow adventurers. People who want to do some good work of God and can have fun while doing it”. In line with the above, we are partnering with the following groups identified for the following areas:

1. Rehabilitation a. Angels of Mercy: individual professionals are being contacted to sign up for this. Training will be required and liason with NEMA, FRSC, NPF and LASTMA required

2. Visitation a. Soup kitchen and Home Visits: partnerships with CASAP foundation (Eniola Falase and SNEPCo’s SCiNergy have been identified.

3. Construction a. Evangelism: partnering with the Catholic Media Center, Lindysms, Yellow Graig ltd and Cadmium ltd to support in implementation of the Catholic Praise concert by name only.