About Us

Felicia Michael Save our Souls Foundation (FMSOSF) is an NGO for corporal works of Mercy. It was established in 2013 in honor of my parents and to achieve the following under the anonymity it can offer:

1. Platform for a more robust and bold set of actions to help the helpless

2. Offer some dignity to the less privileged

3. Offer assistance to affected persons after a major event leading to extensive (disaster) devastation

4. Support in programmes to evangelize Christ


1. To improve the quality of life of disadvantaged people and also those living under vulnerable conditions within the local multicultural and the more diverse global communities in the whole world.

2. To enhance Community cohesion, promote social inclusion and re-skilling vulnerable people to live independently through a process of empowerment and improved life chances.

3. To improve the health and wellbeing of vulnerable people within the local communities in Africa and the world at large, through education and treatments.

4. Creating innovative solutions to support and provide care services to the less fortunate and vulnerable groups including but not limited to the homeless, destitute, elderly, young, and disabled and so on.

5. To provide and engage in rescue operations in troubled cities around the world and supply relief materials as maybe necessary to the needy.

6. To organise praise concerts, festival feedings, and work with other people to finding lasting solutions to suffering and poverty in Africa and beyond.

7. To support children (children) who are in need whether by providing food for them or education or safety or security.

8. To further educational programs, sponsor projects initiated by individuals and organisations and also to promote the better aspects of our culture, hospitality, dignity and sense of humour.

9. Support global and local initiatives for preventing human trafficking

10. Support global and local initiatives for Environmental protection and sustainable development.